Mark Levinson 332?

Hi, I purchased a used ML332 and had it recapped and updated at a local authorized Levinson dealer.
Just curious, I took some pics while they had it all apart, and I notice on the voltage gain boards all, or most of the resistors have insulators on the leads. Anyone know the purpose?
That is interesting. .
How do you like it.
I have one also..
Is it much better than the proceed.
The 332 opened up the highs a lot, where it was a little rolled off before. I have Martin Logan Ascent, I assume the better performance in to 2 ohms loads is responsible for this? Before the 332 I really had to crank the HPA to get it to liven up. The proceed is no slouch though, it seems to have endless power.
The amp had not been used for several years before I purchased and re capped. It sounded great just out of the gate, but really took a few months to sound "right".

Not sure if this link will work... It's my first try at this. But, here are the boards.
I cannot believe how great these amps are
I just bought a bigger one so I am selling my smaller one. .
Your link doesn't work. .
Getting a 336 then?
I am really enjoying this amp as well. I'm kinda interested in comparing a 326s against the Audio Research RefII now.

Try copying the address in to your web browser, it works for me that way.