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Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
Jafant, They look to be going more mainstream, not the same since Ivan retired... or maybe that is why he retired.  : )  I still go there though and they provide great support. Just look for the oldest guy around for help LOL.   
Mark Levinson & Others
i had 2 5805 units that failed completely right at 6 months. They gave me a great deal to move up to a 585.5 I would steer clear until someone owns up to what caused these failures. I was one of MANY in my area alone.    the 585.5 is great and ... 
Aerial 10T Beware? Another Look & Buyer's Guide
I picked up a pair of V2's ( going by the tweeter ) a couple of years ago for 1300 delivered! Guys on Craigs List had no idea what they where.  I spent a lot more on the speaker cable running to them.  I don't see replacing them anytime soon, th... 
Repair a Proceed HPA2.
I know a few years ago Levinson had a flat rate of 450 a channel  to replace. Not a bad deal, its a great amp.  
Repair a Proceed HPA2.
try these guys.  George Meyer A/V. 4844 W. Jefferson Blvd. ... East Syracuse, NY 13057. Toll-free: 800-634-8606. (315) 446-8700.  
Recommended speaker pairing for ML 585.5.
Revel or Aerial 7t. 10t If you can find used, are a steal. Just make sure they are V2  
Mark Levinson - refurbish or start fresh
repair them and enjoy for another 20 years. ; )  
Transparent cables Recalibration prices out of this world
They do not even start to calibrate until you reach the REF level. That is around 7.5k retail for speakers cables. I purchase used REF Phono MM2 from a dealer here. the recalibration was free from the dealer. The real custom calibration where they... 
New Mark Levinson 5805 Firmware Problems
keep us updated Stuart, I hope they get this resolved soon for you. Nice amps!  
New Mark Levinson 5805 Firmware Problems
Sorry to hear about your issues as well. Jact. ML could really have knocked it out of the park with this one @ this price point. It really is great sounding. See if they have a 585.5 they can loan you. It certainly is beefier and has been out for ... 
Transparent ultra mm2 speaker to ultra G5 or MM2 Ref?
It works great!  They are a good deal now at used prices.  
Transparent Ultra or Super?
I use a REF G5 PC on my amp. That is fed by REFmm2 power isolator with XL power cord.  
Transparent Ultra or Super?
if you are looking for current G5 and going through a dealer, that dealer is going to send you back to your local dealer. They are a tight knit bunch.  
Transparent audio
Some people mistake noise for clarity.  
No Improvement With Transparent Reference RCA Interconnects For Naim NDX 2 Streamer
Hi Paul,The second unit failed, just shut off one day. Not sure what the cause was, but if you are still running you should be fine at this point. The 585.5 offered a nice improvement overall I think due to the extra power. Is it worth the full re...