Mark Levinson 526 as Headphone Amp

I have a ML 526 and it has an integrated headphone amp.  
ML has always done things really well.  I haven’t tried it out.  I am searching for a set of headphones.

Any experiences with this?  
I am looking forward to seeing how the turntable sounds through this amp.

It doesn't look that special. Says it drives up to 32 ohm cans. That eliminates a bunch.
To appreciate the dual mono topology it should have a balanced jack.
The headphone section of the Mark Levinson 526 is very good. I am using a Focal Utopia which has a sensativity of 104db at 80ohms and the bass and soundstage width is better than the built in headphone amp of the Chord Dave which has slighty better depth. The DAC ain't bad either, I would say it is definately in Dave's league, S600 vs 760i. There is not one I would say is better than the other. really depends on what I am listening to.