Mark Levinson Customer Service is the best!

Just had to post a shout out for Mark Levinsons customer service.

Simply top notch customer service .. oh and I almost forgot .. they also make top notch products!   

Just a happy Mark Levinson customer.

Glad to hear it.  Years ago, they left me stranded with an $8K "futureproof" DAC and and totally unresponsive service department.  Got rid of all 3 ML pieces and swore never to have another.

Obviously, you are dealing with a totally different company and I'm glad for you.  They do make nice stuff, but single malt scotch is also good and I swore off that 25 years ago, so...

tell us more about your ML experience.

It is imperative to list both positive and negative outcomes when dealing w/ these companies. Especially at the higher-end to ultra high-end.

Happy Listening!
They will not service ANY old products made under Mark Levinson the man himself!


Just purchased a used Mark Levinson 433 and did not come with any xlr grounding straps even though I am utilizing the balanced, I just had some questions in regards to the amplifier and always had a fast correspondence via Email.

 I just recently called wanting to order just one xlr grounding strap and Richard stated he will be sending one out free of charge for me. Just thought it was a nice thing to do.

I did not realize that some Mark Levinson owners have had bad experiences.. I guess this happens with any company who has been around for so long .. law of averages type scenario? 

I must add that I have had similar fast email correspondents with Oppo,  WireWorld and Synergistic Research  ....
The Mark Levinson brand has gone through lots of management changes over the years and ownership  changes. Depending when on the time line you had a dealing with them will effect your outcome. I think they are turning things to the better, but not servicing older equipment will always be a black spot on its record

Yes .. I did not realize that they do not service "older" equipment .. 

Wondering what models or years the cut off for service is ..

I also wonder the reasoning behind not servicing the older lines ..

Is it because they want to be difficult and be as inconvenient as possible to all their customers that own them?   

Thanks again, Scott for sharing your experience.

I am interested in the new ML No.  585 integrated amp. I want to get an audition later this year.

Thats good to know .. thank you ..  is the 433 considered "old" and not serviceable by Mark Levinson? My 433 is operating fine however .

Let me know how your audition of the ML 585 goes ...

I was not as fortunate. I knew M/L was not servicing older models. I have a no.334 and I sent a message to M/L in regards to needing shorting straps as well. (In the event I were to resell it) They replied by sending me the price per pair. Memory serves me they were pricey. I bought Cardas instead.

Manny years ago, (90’s) I bought a used pair of Klipsch KLF 20’s from Craigslist for $50.00. The crossover was toasted in one, a the binding post was missing and I needed several spikes. I called Klipsch and the sent me a care package, for free.
Go figure.

ML has many repair shops out of the Harman Group. This is a better option and way to save money, IMO.

This is very useful info..  I was considering adding a 523 Pre to my preamp wish list but I don’t like the idea of purchasing something that will not be supported with service when I want and need it.  I hate it when boutique hi-end mfrs. drop service for their  older products.