"Marriage w/ Pass Labs x250.8

Hello Audiogoners,

Recently purchased a pair of Joseph Audio Perspective 2's; considering driving the Perspectives with a Pass Labs x250.8. Anyone in the Audiogon community had experience with this combination? The remainder of my rig consists of:

  • Pass Labs XP-12
  • Aurender ACS 100
  • Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 w/LPS+ linear power supply
  • Schiit Yggy 
  • Furman P-2400 IT

Thanks in advance…


While I haven't heard the speaks recently, the Pass x series are excellent amplifiers. I owned a X350 for over a decade. Will mate with preamp well. Hard to see this as anything other than a great match. I am also familiar with your streamer and DAC... the combination is likely to be very synergistic.