Martin Logan Ascent Owners... Tell me about your..

I just purchased a used pair of Ascent's. I am now going to upgrade my electronics.
Please tell me about your amp / preamp / etc combo with the Ascent.

I have owned Ascents for about 3 years. I bought mine used. The ascents are an underrated speaker that are wonderful sounding. The bass takes 50-100 hours to break in completely. Right now I am using an ARC VT-100 Mk III to power the speakers and WireWorld Eclipse V speaker cable (biwired version). I set mine up (Ascents) using the Cardas Speaker placement technique. Make should you eliminate the first side wall reflection and that you correctly trap the speakers backwave. These speaker respond to power cable replacement. I would start off with Shunyata Diamondback Platnum--this will dramatically improve the clarity of the speaker.
Ive had 1 pr Ascents, 2 pr Ascent i's. Great speaker for great recordings. Rock and any older recordings sound lifeless and dull. I'll admitt when they get it right, its magic. I just couldnt live with listening to only 5% of my collection, so eventually moved on for good.

ML likes Krell. I used Bryston, Krell, and Ayre gear, and settled on Krell.
Best I ever heard Ascents sound was with a Krell integrated. Also they do well with Musical Fidelity hybrid stuff. :)