Martin Logan Depth vs Rel vs Ruark

I am shopping for a subwoofer for both music and HT. I have norrowed it down to the Depth, Rel Storm or Ruark. Has anyone compared?
Any suggestions or comments
I compared the Depth and some RELs, but the Ruark. I bought an Art of Sound. It incorporates the same connection options as the REL (might even be the same amp). Both sounded less localized than the Depth. The Art of Sound subs deserve your consideration. I do more HT than music (70/30) but my "Tycus" (in a room 14x17 and not a dedicated HT, meaning hallways, doorways, etc) does them both quite well. Just a suggestion.
I am considering the Depth as well as several of the REL subs, but my personal front runner is Velodyne's new Digital Drive subs, probably the DD-12. These have received excellent reviews, and they seem to be an intelligent approach, based upon what I have read on their webpage. However, if I had a licensed REL dealer closer by, I would love to A/B them against the DD-12.

I have extensively tested both in my 15x17 room with Aerious i (Depth vs REL) and in my mind no comparison! The Depth is far superior and does superbly on reproducing the "missing " notes but what is more important is that it never draws attention to itself. OTOH, when the REL was in loop it would make its presence felt in a negative way. Maybe the Depth crossover options are better suited for ML products. Cheers.
I have heard the Rel and the ML Depth on music and the Rel for home theater although not in the same room. Both were very impressive and did not call attention to the low end. For large rooms the Rel Statium may be required for HT but the smaller Rel will work for music. The Depth would have more output for HT and sounded very good for music. It would be interesting to A/B.
which ruark are you comparing, the "log rhythm" it is amazing with music a toss up with the rel for music it all depends on your ears, I went with the ruark after comparing 20 subs, good luck! Ps I play atc 7's and 12's with the ruark sub talk about natural and real!!!!!!
I tried both subs in my music/HT room and found REL storm 3
had given an overall sound quality. The depths seems to be a little agressive and reminds me of my velodyne.

good luck