Martin Logan ESL 11A or ESL 9 with 60w integrated tube amp?

I am close to making the step up from my modest ML 12 small towers to the new ML Classic ESL 9s. I have been researching quite a bit and understand the ESL speakers put some peculiar demands on the amplifier, perhaps more so in past models, and maybe easier to drive now. I think my Vincent v60 integrated tube amp, with 60wpc, will be up to the task but I am not sure. The ML 9s have dual passive 8" woofers, but the next level up ML 11A have dual powered 8" woofers. So my question is, will my 60wpc tube amp be fine with the ML ESL 9s? If not, would the 11As be easier to drive? or do I need to start looking for something else?
I drive the ML Montis that have a powered woofer with a Rogue ST100 power amp. It does a fine job in Triode mode which produces around 60-65w/ch. no issues at all. I do think you may want to consider a more powerful amp if you were to go with the passive MLs. 
I had a pair of ML Summit Xs (powered woofers) that I first drove with a Pass XA 30.8 which puts out about 90 watts in class B into 8 ohms.  I thought they sounded fine until I decided to try a muscle amp with them. 

I got a 300 watt into 8 ohms amp that put out 1000 watts into 2 ohms and the MLs really came to life.  I was surprised by the improvement. 

The ML panel's impedance drops like a rock as frequency approaches 20khz.  I'd recommend getting an amp that doubles output into 4 ohms and again into 2 ohms if you can. 

Many people enjoy lower powered amps with MLs, but my experience is that  MLs like lots of power.