Martin Logan For Dummies

Hello (again)
I'm in the market for some Ml's I think :)

Yesterday I heard some Quest Z's and am >impressed< with the whole speaker, except for the bass (different thread)...

So, I'm wondering, what other ML models are there, that either DO or DON'T have the same 'muddy bass' issue as the Quest-Z's ?

I'm not big on bass anyways (and really like the crystal clarity of the Quest-z) so, it's ok if they are 'bass-shy' but I'm wondering if ML fixed the issue with the Requests or which models should I be looking for. I'd prefer the wood trim if possible also...
I was a Martin Logan dealer for many years and still own several models.

I think one of the best hybrid models was the SL3.

BTW, I owned the Quest, QuestZ and the ReQuest and never had a bass problem with any of them. Speaker placement and setup is VERY critical with these.
I never had problems with Martin Logan speakers either. They do require more attention to detail in system matching and set up than other speakers. Because of this I do not believe there is a Martin Logan speaker for Dummies.
I owned Ascent i for a while. Really liked them, good bass in my opinion. I agree with Rrog in that you need to work with them a little more than other speakers. I dropped them where I had my Maggies and it didn't work so well.
Smoe say the bass and panels don't integrate - I never heard any of that, it all sounded pretty good to me.
Good luck
Well, I joined the forum, and also called ML to ask a few questions...they say the Request fixed it a little, using spikes will help...buying the CLX will help a whole lot !
No need to go to extremes by mortgaging the home to acquire CLX's.

Mofi's dead on target with the SL3's. Aside from Vantages I found the SL3's integrated quite well. Although, as per Martin Logan's manual, I'd not ask one amplifier to do the task of what two is better equipped to handle. I always biamped the hybrid ML's, again referring to the manual it tells you right up front that assigning one amp to drive the frequency extremes of both the panel and the woofer is asking too much. Although, they don't put it in those terms it's understood.

Owning CLS's one doesn't have to worry about x-over issues that the hybrids face. Any decent sub is capable of meshing well with these panels. I'm currently mating an SVS sub w/ the CLS' to very pleasing effect.

ML's don't require a dummy booklet to get right...just a bit of experimentation and patience, that's all. If I were in your shoes I'd seek SL3's first. The Requests aren't goin' anywhere. Should you desire the larger panels later they'll be around to sample later on should you care to do so. Frankly, I think you'll find the SL3's to provide more than adequate levels of sound reproduction to fill any sized room.

The forum is a mix mash of sorts. There's some useful information there, but it's kind of clickishly filled with old timers, many of whom have no real experience with driving logans with audiophile quality amps. Having said that I visit it occasionally, but generally to get caught up in the humor of all the ongoing gossip. They're like old ladies chattin' about this and that half of the time. My first day there I challenged several old time members concerning proper amplification of logans, and of course the wagons circled real fast. I stood my ground with ample evidence that I knew the heck what I was speaking about and before I knew it I'd gained the respect of a few old timers, but that's not what I was after. I know the speaker fairly well for it's all I've owned for the past 17 years, and I've owned most every version of them. And being one who has a passion for amps I've of course sampled some of anything and everything on them. My recommendation, buy a set of SL3's, biamp them, and call it a day. That's my .02
don't like the ML bass?
Try Magnepan. No bass integration problems here and the MMG is quite the bargain at about 600$ with full upgrade credit within the first year.

Going upline gets you more, but not different.
Hmmm...I ha ve a pair of MGIIa's that need rewiring. How would they compare to the Quest Z's (especially the mids and highs) do you think after rewiring ?
After living with Maggies and open baffles for several years I did not like the ML bass at all. I had to damp the internal bass cabinet (every internal surface) and plug the ports on my Aeon-i's. Problem fixed but I would still love to hear a ML with open baffle bass.