Martin Logan SL3 repair

Does anyone know where I can get Martin Logan SL3s serviced in the USA?
Martin Logan stated that they do not repair these speakers anymore.
What's wrong with them? Do they play at all? Maybe just need to be cleaned? Do you smoke? 
The reason I ask is that the panel may just need cleaning. There is an instructional video on that somewhere. Might do the trick.  
Forgot to mention no smoking env. 
So is washing panels an ML sanctioned thing?  Has this been known to fix a channel imbalance?
If stator is the problem, Martin Logan will build you brand new stator with updated spec. But it will cost ya. 
As a former SL3 owner until last July I would  say if these are the original panels they are probably past done their useful service.  I had mine from 1998 ( repanel 2010)  to present.   They still sound great but decided to get 11A's when ML had the sale last July.  
Repaneling is costly.  I  am awaiting CLS panels($ 2995)  which took 5 months. I have the same issue , washed them, no difference. Just a dead panel  that is 20 yrs old. 
Suggest looking at the new ML's  as the new panels have improved, better bass integration,etc.   Good luck