Master Clock for the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo SE

Hi guys

I have the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo SE in a rig with a very well treated digital signal. It sounds very nice, but it doesn't have a Master Clock input because I did not wanted to pay that aditional cost back then (now I kind of regret it as I have a Master Clock).


Has anyone of you tried this device with and without a Master Clock feeding it? Does it really make a noticeable difference? My experience has been that the further the device from the DAC, the less impact the Master Clock makes. The biggest impact is feeding the DAC. I have it also feeding a DDC before the DAC and the Uptone ER and I don't find a big difference, mostly on the ER.


​Please answer if you had a real listening experience. I don't want to start a technical debate. 


Mostly it depends on the DAC.

If you have one that ignores the external clock it is totally silly.

hans beekhuysen has a video review on youtube that addresses the op question directly

Thanks for the answers.


My DAC is being fed by the Clock and it made a noticeable difference on it, but not much on the upper parts of the digital chain. It seems that the further from the DAC, the smaller the impact of a clock.


I will watch Hans SMS-200 Ultra Neo video again. Thanks. I don't remember him talking about this subject in particular.

“Does it really make a noticeable difference?”

The answer to your question is emphatically YES! But you must use a very high quality external Master Clock to hear appreciable improvements.The BNC clock cable quality also matters. If your DAC or Streamer can accept a 10MHz external clock input, it is absolutely worth experimenting. I don’t own SMS-200 but my experience with Aurender N20 fed by external master clock was quite an eye opener. Inspired by this revelation, I am now putting together pieces to try a fully tricked out sNH-10G switch with external master clock and later plan to add Aurender N30SA.

Once you hear a system with a high quality master clock, you will not go back!