Mastersound evolution 845 vs. Jadis da88s vs auris forte 150

Hey folks. I'm trying to finally get my amplification sorted.


My speakers are 90db (conservative) and 4ohm dipping to 2.7. and yes, I've determined I want tubes anyway. 

Ive determined that my system is fully capable of producing beautiful textured holographic vocals, and producing impactful bass and dynamics. What I haven't been able to get is both at the same time.

So far I've tried dartzeel, vtl, Vinnie Rossi, blue circle and a few others.

I feel my best bet is the sweetest midrange amp I can get with enough power to have some spam. My music mostly isn't bass heavy. Indie rock, indie country, some proto punk and post punk with some hip hop. Obviously some bass in there...

I can't listen to these before buying and I'm tired of buying and selling, but willing to take a chance.

I have a preamp I like but I'm also like integrated.


Has anyone heard two or all of these and could make a comparison as to the sound signature? I understand the basics and have read all the reviews I can find but personal input is often better.

Mastersound 845 Evo 50wpc class A

Jadis da88s 60wpc class A

Auris Forte 150 100wpc class a/b???


I like kt150 tubes and I feel the auris would have the energy and slam over the others, but I might not get the midrange magic that I really need. This has been the challenge.




Haven't heard these but Decware amps handle low resistance loads well.  Jerry

Not to shift the conversation, but have you considered speaker cables? I recently picked up Cardas Clear Beyond because I wanted more bottom, along with burnished and holographic mids, with a couple of my amp/speaker combinations. They really deliver exactly what I was after when used with tube amps. Not so great with big Class A solid state amps, however, perhaps because they are quite high in capacitance.

I respectfully suggest this alternative path because the amps you’ve tried already are from excellent makers.

I actually recently sold off my cardas rev.1 speaker cables, but I suspect I will explore more once I've settled on my overall system. I like to do cables last.


Thanks for the recommendation on those.


I'm going to check out decaware, thanks :)

Yeah Decware is a great suggestion if you want to hear the amp three years later!😅

Interesting topic. I loved my DA88S so much that I ended up going all the way up the chain to the JP80MC JA200 primarily to drive my Wilson Benesch Resolutions…. The DA88 is the best little integrated tube amp I’ve ever heard. 

I doubt I’ll be able to keep it along with the separates so anyone interested, please let me know and I’ll share more details. 

we gd the masresound 845 compact Integrated years ago it was everything yo seek glorious midrange a huge 3d soundstage and great punch and Dynamics we just put out some 105db reference loudspeakers so we are ordering a pair of the 836 monos

What did you end up getting? I got the Mastersound 845 Evo and I love it. Though it doesn't push my hard to drive speakers the way SS does