Match for Cairn K1's?

I picked up a couple of Cairn K1 (north face) monoblocks and some Tyler Acoustics Taylo reference monitors. I am looking for worthy pre-amp, will be listening to 1/3 music and 2/3 ht. Kind of interested in the EAD theatermasters.

And if one has some nice DAC's in the pre-amp, what are the considerations for a DVD/CD player? I am pretty lame on this stuff, even after spending too much time on this website.

I plan on slowly building this system and would prefer not to make too many blunders. Thanks for any advice.
I would suggest Cairn's own Nanda preamp. I am using that between my Cairn Fog and Cairn Mea monoblocks. The fog is an excellent CDP as well, but if you need CD and DVD playback in one unit, Cairn is working on a 'universal' unit for release nex year. BTW, how do you like your K1's? I can't find anywhere to listen to a pair, but would love to hear them!