Matching Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere??

HI, I need expert advice, please!!!

I bought 4 Klipsch R-820F thinking to place them 2 in the front and two as rear speakers. I also bought a Klipsch RP-440C as a center speaker.

I bought all this because of an insane opportunity... "excellent deal"

Now I am reading that it is not a good idea to match/mix  Reference (R) and Reference Premiere (RP)?

Would my configuration using the R-820Fs with the RP-440C sound too bad? shall I return the RP-440C to get an R speaker as a center instead?

Thank you so much for all the help and support

Sell the RP440C and use only the other four speakers. I have never liked the sound of a center speaker! I find it ruins the stereo imaging effect. Just another way for the speaker companies to sell more products! 
There is NO need for a center speaker! A properly placed L and R speaker pair will provide ALL the center fill needed! Reference: Alan Blumlein - the inventor of stereo!


I've had Klipsch speakers for about 15+ yrs now the main difference is the woofers the reference woofers are made up of plastic mixed with something else. 

The premiers woofers are alumium covered with ceramic coating, maybe also different cross over Im not sure.

As roberjerman said if you dial in placement correct you wont need a center I do have one for movies only not 2 channel listening. Hope this helps. 

             Keeping Rocking 🎶

Don't believe everything you read. Since you have the speakers, why don't you just try it and decide for yourself? 

@big_greg I am in agreement with you on this point of aligning your speakers to get the center image.

His question was what is the difference in the Reference line v Premier Reference line thats what I thought anyway. 

Thxs Keep rocking.


I'm not sure what you read.  I didn't say anything about "aligning" speakers.

His question was about if it would be a bad idea to mix different lines of speakers, not what the differences are.  They're all in the Klipsch family and it shouldn't be an issue.  FWIW, I have a Klipsch center speaker and surrounds and Harbeths and KEFs for my mains and mixing the different brands hasn't caused one second of distress for me.

These comments are goofy. Timbre matching is ideal, but as long as your LCR match, you're good. The other speakers just aren't used enough for you to even tell the difference.