Matching phono section with either cartridge or turntable.

Hi All,  I have a Rega 25th anniversary turntable and just got a new Clearaudio Maestro MM cartridge.  I'm looking to get a new phono preamp and was wondering whether it MIGHT (no chance to audition) be preferable to get a Rega or a Clearaudio phono section, to match either the table or cartridge.  I need to stay under $2000 (new or used), and I'd appreciate any other suggestions.  I run a Zesto Leto preamp through a PS Audio BHK 250 to Martin Logan Summit X speakers.  Thanks in advance for any ideas/opinions/suggestions/etc.Rustler
When you're using MM cartridge it's pretty easy with a phono stage. All you need is a 47k Ohm input for MM cartridge. Some experienced audiophiles customize MM input to use 100k Ohm instead of 47k Ohm. 

But to make it short, this is one of the best phono stage for very reasonable price that i have tried. For MM cartridges this is speclacular unit, read more about it HERE (make sure to convert it to USD). Decent price for an MM/MC phono stage. The design is simple, but the sound quality is superb. 

Another one you can look for is THIS for more $$$ with more features. 

I'm using both in my system. 
As chakster said above, it's easy if you are using an MM cartridge.  Not that all phono stages sound the same, but most (but not all) high output cartridges will work fine with standard MM settings.

If you are going to use an low output MC cartridge you have more options: integrated low output stage in your phono preamp, head amp or SUT (step up transformer).  Optimal loading may be significantly different from cartridge to cartridge so I suggest that you try to match your cartridge to your phono gain stage carefully.

thanks so far.  I guess my question can be summed up:  is it preferable to match my table or my cartridge with a phono section made by the same company?  Clearaudio for my cartridge; Rega for my table.  Or doesn't it matter?
 is it preferable to match my table or my cartridge with a phono section made by the same company

No, not necessary 
No it doesn't matter. The other question would be should I match it to my preamp since you have a Zesto who also make phono pre's but they would be above your budget. Good luck. I have a Parasound JC3 JR I will be selling soon if you think you want to try one. Considered very good for the price, sorry about the shameless plug. :)
Actually, jtsnead, that's one I have been considering.  I can't afford the Zesto phono sections, but the preamp Leto is fabulous.  Thanks for the input.
I bought Project DS2 phono because it takes 2 12AX7 tubes and I have some REAL NOS of these . As good as it gets and VERY easy to set-up and use on ANY kind of cartridge .I bought my project from Needle Doctor after hearing it and the Croft with Valvo 12ax7’s from their German plant . 699$ .