Need Help on Phono Cable

I am looking recommendations on a phono cable in the 200 to 300 price range.
I have looked at the cables below and some others but don't know anything about them.
Harmonic Technology pro silway mk iii, Shunyata Aries Phono
I need RCA' s on both ends and it must be shielded.
I appreciate any help.

I'm using Anti-Cables with great success. You can try them with a money-back guarantee. I had Paul put extra shielding on mine, but found that I didn't need it, and use the standard version.
Check on ebay and try to get the Zu Xaus phono cable. You can pick them up for under 200.00 and they are very nice. They will terminate the cable however you want it, and you get a money back trial period to see if its what your looking for. I have used several and found nothing as nice in my system for anywhere near the price. Might find one here used on Agon for even cheaper if your lucky.
I have had great results with an Audiquest Leopard in a phono application. Since you need RCA to RCA I would recommned the AQ columbia. A little over uour budget if new. I really feel the DBS cables work very well for this application. The low level signal is least affected by the cable insulation with the DBS. This affectively eliminates the need for break in which is difficult for a phono cable. The sound..coherent but detailed.
Stringreen put me onto Anti cables and I'll back him up on their great performance. A lot of cables will do a great job but at this price, the anti cables seem like a no brainer. Cables are not the most important place to spend your hard earned money. Many, if not, most are grossly overpriced.
Sonofjim...When I first got all my Ayre components, I was recommended the Cardas/Ayre cables for all connections. I wasn't very happy with the results, and discovered that the fault was the cables. Money was no consideration...I had various levels of Purist, Audioquest, Kimber, Nordost, etc., etc. The very best was Audioquest Sky balanced with the matching speaker cables. I was just about to pop for a complete Audioquest wiring of my system, when I read in Absolute Sound, a rave review of Anti=Cables. I called in to try them, and ee was better than the Audioquest Sky. The price difference between the two cables was extraordinary, but the real reason I got Anti-Cables was that the sound is so least in my system. I think cables are system independent, so I can't say these cables will work with every system, but I certainly think people should try them.
The previous post is incorrect.

Cables are system dependent not independent.

Common sense and experience have proven this to be true.
Try Signal Cable. I've had great results with the Analog Two series.
I second the Zu Xaus. I have found them to be synergistic with my VPI/Dynavector/MFA components. The people at ZU understand customer service and go well beyond to make sure their customers get what they want. I recommend them without reservation.
Here's a recent review of a Furutech cable that looks promising if you can stretch a little (or get a discount). I noted it only because Soundstage doesn't give cables a Reviewer's Choice award very frequently. For what it's worth...

Best of luck.
I am waiting for a Zu Xaus cable to come up for auction on EBay.
Thanks for all the replies.