Maybe speakers of the dreams ?

Hi to all and first thanks for reading. This is marco from italy. Last saturday i listened a pair of K1 fom VividAudio ( The mind of these speakers is the man that years ago create the Nautilus speaker at B&W.
They were attached to a pair of monophonic amp from mcintosh. After 1 hour i didn't believe at my ears. Instrument and voices are more real then speakers like b&w 800 and a very tridimensional scene were in front of my eyes. I would ask if someone have listened them and have had same sensations. Ciao and good listen.
I too would love to hear from anyone who has heard these. There are some reviews in the British hi-fi magazines (Hi Fi Choice, Hi Fi plus) which were quite positive.
Hello Marco!
No, I haven't heard the VividAudio speakers (maybe at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas -my home town).
I have heard the three dimensional soundscape, however.
I've only heard it once through Dunleavy SC-IV Mk-II speakers driven buy CEC/Theta/Audio Research electronics.
This is the most remarkable experience!
The soundfield is so stable and coherent that you "see" the sound as much as you hear it!
You can't help but think: Yes! Yes! Yes! This is what I've been after! Everything is so "right"!
Unfortunately, I could not afford this system (then or now).
It's nice to know it is there when I win the lottery!