MC cartridge for Cello Audio suite P101

I'll very appreciate that anyone can tell me what mc cartridge is good match with cello audio suite P101.
I've VDH colibri that is not enough output with P101.

Can you look up the specs for your Cello? I couldn't find them with a Google search. We need to know the gain in both the phono and line stages, and also what input impedance(s) are available. Matching a cartridge means choosing one with high enough output AND choosing one that will be happy with the load presented by the cello.

Knowing what arm and table you have is also important. Cartridge/arm matching is at least as critical as cartridge/phono stage matching.
Dougdeacon, Thanks,due to my Audiosuite is secondhand one so
I don't have any information on hand. Unfortunately the shop was closed last year. My turntable is Nottingham spacedeck with 9" original arm. Anyway I appreciate that.
Ikeda will be the best choice since cello ask Ikeda to make the cartrige for them.
Dear : The Colibri is very good cartridge. The one you own what output level has? what is the trouble with? noise?

Btw, I think that the Ikeda cartridge is not either a good match due that the Ikeda cartridges are very low output designs.

Now, here you can read that your P-101 module comes with 1 kohms ( as I remember VdH advise is to load the Colibri with 500 ohms. I load mine with 100 ohms. This regard is system dependent. ) as input impedance and maybe trough a resistor soldering you can change it:

here you can read too that you can set up different gain level on the line modules in the Audio Suite, so you can try with gain changes in the line stage modules.

This gentleman own your P-101 module and you can ask about:

and remember that you always could change your Colibri for other Colibri with higher output level!.

Regards and enjoy the music,