MC275 Gordon gow

Hello would someone explain the bias controls on my amp and how use it for my advantage? Thanks I’m running two amps as mono blocks. Yes they have the same brand tubes .
Scooter there is none..

Your talking about the gain controls on a GG.  If you're mono and XLR, you have no gain control. If you're RCA and mono, you do. ONE of the pots will work it is marked "Mono" if I remember.  BUT only to increase the volume to the same "max" as the XLR. Older MC275s, NONE XLR are different once again..

BUT there is no bias control for YOU to mess with. Mac self bias..
I own a GG Mac.. Actually on the fritz right now... My fault, though..
I had that one sounding pretty sweet until I did a cable drop..
$15,000.00 cable drop... That will never happen again...

Thanks for your response! I just talked to mcintosh tech he schooled me on my amps! I just didn’t want to blow anything up, I’m good for that  .
Good deal, enjoy. 50 years of Macs for me.. Just wonderful equipment..

Close to 50 pieces through the years but currently 20 or 21 I think..LOL..

Happy Happy.