Mccormack DAC1 vs today’s dacs

My current setup consists of an iMac that pumps music through an Audioengine bluetooth receiver to a Mcintosh C27 —> Mccormack DNA .5 —> Vandersteen 2CE SigIIs/Vandersteen 2WQ combo. I am exploring DACs and was curious about the Mccormack dac and whether it would be a good investment today considering how old it is and how does it stack up with the dacs built today. Most of the reviews you find are quite old and haven’t come across any comments that can help compare it with the dacs built today.
Any feedback is appreciated.
Oddly, I am going to be selling mine soon.
But, in any case, you can have it upgraded at SMc Audio for a reasonable price.
If not, then I would say it is a pretty good DAC for the money despite its' age.
OP - Lucky you!  If @gdnrbob is selling his soon, you could call Steve at SMc Audio to see what he might do to it to update it.  Recently had my DNA-1 upgraded and the workmanship and sound is killer. 
gdnrbob, let me know when you are ready to sell it. I am going to check with SMC to see what can be done and whether it's worth the money between upgrading the dac vs upgrading the dna .5...
@uditnaik  If your DNA .5 is stock, you will be amazed at the sweetness and openness of the sound once Steve&Co. do their magic.  Many considered the original .5 to be the "honey" in the DNA line.  Steve will explain the most cost effective options for you to help resolve the questions you have about how to proceed with the amp and the dac.

Hope to hear from you once you decide or at least understand your options.
@uditnaik ,
Yes, I will let you know. Tday is coming up, and I have to put up a  12 foot Xmas tree the following week, so I am kind of stressed out at the moment.
I  also have the CD player,which I bought together with the DAC.
And, +2 for upgrading the amp as well. The upgrades are worth it.