McCormack DNA-1 problems

I have a McCormack DNA-1 amp that has worked perfectly for many years. Recently I turned the power switch on an no red light appeared. I checked the rear fuse and all 4 interior fuses and they are all OK. Does anybody have any ideas what might be the problem? Can anyone suggest a good qualified repair shop in the NY metro area or on the east coast?
Hi Paul

In the NY Metro area I've had Scott Gramlich of SG Custom Sound do a lot of repairs for me. He is out in Douglaston Queens NY. Near the LIRR.

Here is his info:

40-33 235th Street
Douglaston, NY 11363

Steve reads these forums pretty regularly. Maybe he will see this and comment.

Is it just the red bulb/led that doesn't light up, but the amp still works or is the whole amplifier dead?
Stereo Exchange can fix it. They have a really good service department and they're a dealer. (That's if nothing has changed. I haven't been there in a few years.)
I just upgraded my DNA-1 to the G20+ Ultra. This upgrade is highly recommended. My previous upgrade was in 2014. I went to this present upgrade level because the original circuit board from 1994 had failed. Talking about making lemonade...this last upgrade is a huge jump in sound quality. Included with the upgrade is the Panzerholz isolation base which was reviewed in "the Audio Beatnik". If interested you should contact SMC Audio. Pat/SMC Audio South did a fabulous job on my amp! The sound gives me the best of tubes and solid-state characteristics.