MCD301 or ??

Considering purchasing a Mcintosh MCD301.  I like the fact that it has a volume control so I can bypass my current pre.    Any other units that should be considered in the $2K price range and has a DAC?


I'd be a little leery of one at or below $2000, only ones i see on hi-fi shark are $4k. 


I bought a used MCD301 from AC and paid $2200.00 for it.  It looked and plays like brand new and I even got a brand new remote too.  I purchased in October 2017.  I still have it and use it often.   It’s about 80% of my Esoteric SACD player I have in my main system.  Looking at my receipt, it was $2200.00 plus $35 more for UPS shipping. I’m glad I got it then.