Mcintosh C220 issues.

Hey everyone I am knew to site but just recently purchased a Mcintosh C220 from a excellent seller on here.

The issue I am having is there is white noise on the left channel of the Preamp only on the Phonostage very noticeable during quiet parts of my records and volumes of 30+. I have switched tubes around and checked all configuration and the problem is still there. Has anyone had any issues similar to this? Please help. Thanks
Presuming you've done the isolation drill by switching left to right with the cartridge and table leads, you want to see if you can test the preamp with another table rig as a final check. The C220 may be revealing a flaw in the cart you didn't notice before, and that might be the only way to find it if the isolation process doesn't reveal it. If the noise is still on the left channel after all that, you probably have some kind of issue in the C220's phono section that requires service attention.
When you say white noise, do you mean actual white noise, or something similar like hissing?
If the unit has the original McIntosh tubes in it you are probably hearing tube rush. Replace original tubes with Gold Lion reissues.