McIntosh C2700: different volume for different outputs? (maybe a dumb question!)

I have a McIntosh C2700 preamp. Just got a power amp (MC275) that will run a pair of speakers. Maybe Klipsch Fortes. So, Output 1 = C2700->MC275->Klipsch speakers will be output 1.

By a weird set of circumstances I have a pair of ATC SCM 40A active speakers. Not a great fit to the C2700, but that's what I've got. I am planning to run output 2 to the ATCs, which will be in the adjoining room. Thus Output 2 = C2700->ATC speakers

My question: is it possible to set different volume levels for the different outputs? Neither the MC275s or the ATCs have volume adjustment, so I need to adjust volume via the preamp. Wondering if there's a way to do that via the C2700's controls


Is your goal to have independent volume control for both sets of speakers running at the same time? If so, your answer is likely no. At least I didn’t see anything about Zone B operation in the c2700 manual. I did own a McIntosh mx-120 that did allow for independent control in 2 zones.

If you only need to control volume for either set of speakers at a time (same listening session), then I don’t see why setting up the ATCs as output 1 or 2 wouldn’t work.

You may want to look into something like the McIntosh CR10 for total control. I have no idea if the CR10 wouldn’t impact the audio quality of your system.

To explain:

I want to send music from my preamp to two different rooms at the same time.

Room 1, Output 1 from preamp, is mc275 power amp driving a pair of passive speakers

Room 2, Output 2 from preamp, is a pair of ATC SCM  40A speakers. These are active speakers.

I want to be able to adjust the volume independently for each room.

For instance, maybe room is a large room where I can crank it up a bit, but room 2 is a sitting room that is smaller and the volume needs to be lower.

Can it be done?

Here's a twist: if I can't do that via the preamp, what about using a pair of Sescom inline volume controls (like these)?



seems redundant since the atc actives should have their own volume control and be fed by a line out.

The ATC actives do not have volume control. Their colume is controlled by the pre-amp. Anyone have solutions/ideas? 

Again, the setup is

Main room

C2700-->balanced cable-->ATC SCM 40A


C2700-->MC275-->speaker wire-->Klipsch Fortes


I need to find a way to boost the volume on the Fortes or reduce volume on the ATC SCM 50As



@sweetjonnyp did you ever figure it out?. I have a Mcintosh C2500 with a two zone output configuration as well. Output 1 is a direct connection to my MC452 running a set of passive speakers and Output 2 is supplying a signal to a Sonos connect which is connected to two Hypex Ncore500 Monoblocks which in turn pick up my whole home audio setup. I will be very interested in finding out how the C2500 can achieve individual output volume control as you have mentioned (I realize we have different pre amps but the premise is the same)


Hi, I wound up buying a Behringer Monitor1 passive monitor and volume controller.

See this link.

xlr in from the pre-amp, xlr out to the active speakers

Since it was the active speakers that were louder, i use it to reduce their volume. The passive Klipsch driven by the mc 275s are at 100% of whatever volume i've chosen on the preamp. The atc passive speakers are usually run at 75-80% of full volume