McIntosh DAC not streaming DSD

After several months of streaming Tidal through my Roon Nucleus + to my McIntosh 8900 integrated, the signal is no longer showing DSD128 or DSD256. It’s just showing the kHz (mainly 44kHz for Tidal). I switched to Qoboz and was able to stream signals up to 192kHz but still no DSD. Any thoughts on this?



If you can confirm your actually getting the hi rez files from Tidal, then i'd ask mac's service department.

I had a similar problem with the ARC input on the digital 2 board in my C2700 and it turned out to be the gain was set to hi for the digital input. MAC's service department answered me the next day and gave me the procedure to change the gain setting and its works flawlessly now. 

I'm not saying your problem is the same as mine, but MAC's service personnel seem to answer fast so worth asking them after you confirm you're getting the hi rez files from tidal. double check your tidal settings potentially after an update they were reset. 

@glennewdick Thanks, I appreciate the response.  I did contact McIntosh and below was their response: 

We do not believe that Tidal offers DSSD streaming as these files, especially DSD256 are very large.

Your Roon Nucleus may have been converting music files to DSD output. The MA8900 will certainly play native DSD files over the USB input with resolutions up to DSD256.

 MA8900 does not data rate covert to DSD. The display on the front of the MA8900 shows the INCOMING signal characteristics only.