Mcintosh front glass - touching up the paint

The black paint behind the glass of my older Mcintoshes have some cracks (just the paint) the glass is in a good shape. I wonder if anyone knows or have tried taking taking out the the glass touch it up with some black paint??? Thanks in advance.
I touched up a Mcintosh glass panel with very good results.
I used black laquer paint and applied 3 coats
Good Luck
It all depends on where the "cracks" or "bubbles" are located...I've had great success using paint sticks or the like...paint doesn't need to be glossy, as the glass will make it appear that can't successfully touch up the paint where it comes into contact with any of the nomenclature/labeling or any gold lines, etc...the paint issue can't be too large either...just takes time and patience...good luck!
Isn't it a shame that gear as good as it gets in McIntosh is needing such a stupid "repair" at all?????
I cross my fingers that my MC2000 will last - colorwise and all!
Wow! Sounds encouring! I will definitely try it...start with someting on the bootom of my favourite list. Thanks everyone.
Try contacting McIntosh and see if they offer a touch up paint. it may even be free they are great people. I blew a fuse and they sent me a couple at no charge. Never asked for model, serial numbers just the fuse size and type.
It was a special slow blow that I couldn't find even at RS
I have put together touch up paint in a bottle with brush that will touch up any size bad spot in the black area in one application and it looks absolute mint when dried. the foam strips if deteriorated can be removed and no matter how much damage is done to the black paint it can be repainted and new foam applied.

e-mail me for price
I bought a MR-78 FM Tuner.Believe me I paid enough for it but it LOOKS like it came out of the factory yesterday.Do yourself a favor and contact people do restoration on Mcintosh gear.

For the record the problem was/is with the adhesive that was used on the foam liner and tape to install the glass. It actually seeps and delaminates the glass backing and causes the "bubbling" often seen on McIntosh gear. And yes, it has been corrected on newer gear.