McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.

Is this a good thing for the company? It's a nice looking set up inside the car but it's a Jeep. Couldn't they have found a better partner, maybe jaguar or Mercedes or maybe even a Volvo.


They put that nice stereo in there so you can enjoy it while waiting for the tow truck.

The biggest problem with Jeep and other US vehicles that they contain 90% parts built in PRC and it really doesn't matter how much the junk worth. It's still a junk.

I spend a lot of hours driving vehicles.  Why wouldn’t I want to enjoy music while I drive?  I’m grateful some manufacturers offer the option for upgraded audio systems in vehicles.  I’ve had several opportunities to drive the Grand Wagoneer and hear the Mac system, and I found it quite enjoyable.  Certainly, an auto is a challenging environment for music…it ain’t a concert hall.  But, In fairness, I’ve heard a lot of crappy sound at concerts, too.  I find the biggest challenge for good sound in a car is the amount of noise, it sucks constantly turning up soft passages and turning down loud passages (I wish car audio systems had a compression knob).  The Grand Wagoneer is pretty quiet, which improves the experience.  I won’t be trading my Subaru for a Grand Wagoneer, but if I was, I’d want the Mac upgrade.

@77jovian I agree. Recently bought a 2024 M3 with Harmon Kardon and there’s a BMW forum thread trashing the sound system. In reality it’s far from bad but obviously not close to home systems, and expectations should be tempered.

Jeep obviously partnered with MC for a reason, I applaud the branching out and effort at the very least. Cars are not an ideal sound venue to begin with.

...and I remember when a Mac in any Jeep was just a burger, maybe with flies fries and a Coke....while stuck in a ramp (any ramp) waiting for the drain-bead to make their move....Any Move....🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😒....

SOTA fi in a car is a basic waste, unless it's as quiet as when it's parked and off.

Other than that, your attention (Please) should be on staying out of trouble and not trying to put either/both of us into the back of some 'alternate transport' with flashing lights and being louder but non-musical...unless you're a lawyer and into that sort of thing....

Stock audios' worse bits are the stock speakers.....and it's cheaper for an auto co. to buy the nameplate v. the Real Gear....

I'd rather have an Aptera...and am willing to wait...;)