McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.

Is this a good thing for the company? It's a nice looking set up inside the car but it's a Jeep. Couldn't they have found a better partner, maybe jaguar or Mercedes or maybe even a Volvo.


More important to me than the sound system is the Consumer Reports buying guides.... and I am not switching cars to get blue meters. :)

Jeep is an acronym for General Purpose Vehicle....I have a Porsche with a "high end" Burmeister sound system..pretty crappy,


You have Great taste in cars, audio components, and artwork, and a nice place to sit down.  And you play the fiddle.  I hope you’re eating healthy

It has been an option on Jeep for the last two years already. The funny thing is that there are no actual blue McIntosh VU meters. They are just images displayed on the center console screen. It's a bargain for a McIntosh product — $2500 option on the 2024 Jeep Cherokee.

I can’t believe this glorified Jeep is a six digit price tag. The inside is very roomy and nice. But it’s as big as a tank and probably uses a ton of gas.


I hate the computerized displays on cars . The simplicity of what used to be a few levers and dials and now I gotta deal with A touchscreen display for every conceivable thing. Who agreed to this nightmarish computerized existence . I remember automatic windows and that was a good thing and they should’ve stopped there.

According to one of the major auto rags, the Jeep brand is the fifth worse brand for reliability problems.  I believe they are in the 30% range.  If I can find the Yahoo article, I will link it.  With that being said and because I hate Chrysler Corp, I won't be purchasing any Mac sound system.  I barely play the Infinity system in my SUV as it is.

Yawn! Not a thing luxury about anything built by Stellantis. 

Would love to fill you in on all the recalls. 

Jeeps reliability record has not been that great, the Mc sound system 

should help sales a bit though.

I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee ecodeisel!! 30 mpg rock snow mud buttons, 5 inches air suspension lift so i can pull all those luxury suv out when stuck! Tru story. 

if you walk around the new Wagoneer, you will not see any Jeep badging whatsoever. So, technically, it is not a Jeep . The same as when Dodge changed the brand of their trucks to Ram 🐏. Pretty sure Jeep is using the same playbook, so many marketing options with this play.

I'm curious. Recognizing the number of automobile glass reflective surfaces and unique design of the cockpit, do the installed high-end audio systems take these factors into account? [NOTE: I own a late model MBz with a factory installed Harmon Kardon set-up. I also own a 2002 Ford Focus purchased for commuting to the Pentagon shortly after the 9-11 attacks. The Ford Focus has an unbranded CD player. I rely on my home audio systems for immersive and critical music listening.]

I wish you and your loved ones peace, love, and contentment in 2024.   

Jeeps are horribly unreliable.  Just check the Consumer Reports reliability stats. Second, there’s hardly a worse environment for audio given the external noise and the internal room/acoustics.  Oh yeah, and then you’re sitting right in front of the far right or far left speakers, which is absolutely absurd.  I mean, would you sit right in front of your left or right speaker in your home system?  So what’s really the point of paying up for a higher-level audio system in a car?  It’s extremely compromised on many levels, so why even bother?

They put that nice stereo in there so you can enjoy it while waiting for the tow truck.

The biggest problem with Jeep and other US vehicles that they contain 90% parts built in PRC and it really doesn't matter how much the junk worth. It's still a junk.

I spend a lot of hours driving vehicles.  Why wouldn’t I want to enjoy music while I drive?  I’m grateful some manufacturers offer the option for upgraded audio systems in vehicles.  I’ve had several opportunities to drive the Grand Wagoneer and hear the Mac system, and I found it quite enjoyable.  Certainly, an auto is a challenging environment for music…it ain’t a concert hall.  But, In fairness, I’ve heard a lot of crappy sound at concerts, too.  I find the biggest challenge for good sound in a car is the amount of noise, it sucks constantly turning up soft passages and turning down loud passages (I wish car audio systems had a compression knob).  The Grand Wagoneer is pretty quiet, which improves the experience.  I won’t be trading my Subaru for a Grand Wagoneer, but if I was, I’d want the Mac upgrade.

@77jovian I agree. Recently bought a 2024 M3 with Harmon Kardon and there’s a BMW forum thread trashing the sound system. In reality it’s far from bad but obviously not close to home systems, and expectations should be tempered.

Jeep obviously partnered with MC for a reason, I applaud the branching out and effort at the very least. Cars are not an ideal sound venue to begin with.

...and I remember when a Mac in any Jeep was just a burger, maybe with flies fries and a Coke....while stuck in a ramp (any ramp) waiting for the drain-bead to make their move....Any Move....🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😒....

SOTA fi in a car is a basic waste, unless it's as quiet as when it's parked and off.

Other than that, your attention (Please) should be on staying out of trouble and not trying to put either/both of us into the back of some 'alternate transport' with flashing lights and being louder but non-musical...unless you're a lawyer and into that sort of thing....

Stock audios' worse bits are the stock speakers.....and it's cheaper for an auto co. to buy the nameplate v. the Real Gear....

I'd rather have an Aptera...and am willing to wait...;)

The McIntosh system is available only on the top trim lines, and the blue "meters" and badging are virtual on the display. The speaker distribution is  better than the base and mid-line sound package and performance is supposedly pretty good. Mc was looking for product placement and Jeep is the most successful domestic brand in the Stellantis/FCA group. It is a large car system, high-powered (1375W, class D, DSP, 19-23 speakers, depending on the model) and is slotted above the mid-spec Alpine system and a non-brand base system. 

I can't see how this will hurt the brand. It is a draw in that it is Jeep-exclusive, at least for now, and it is a broader market than the very limited placements McIntosh has made in the past. They already do some bespoke marine installations.

Given the need for every premium audio brand to establish its brand identity, this is far from the worst thing a company could do.

McIntosh is a chuck of Americana (Woodstock, Grateful Dead, etc) as is Jeep. Foreign ownership (Fiat) dilutes this to some degree, but the visuals of "years past" are still pretty impactful.

Establishing a connection between the two is pretty good marketing. I’ve seen worse. Recently, in fact.


An alright audio brand partners with mediocre auto brand, seems like a match. From the music perspective, nothing jumps out from this brand, except likeness of the Blue Meters and the liquidity/ease to re-sell.

Every time I have ever ridden in a jeep product I think; who buys this junk? Obviously the person I am riding with 🤨

.....and there's always....

"Frankly, Scarlet...I could give a damn..."

Mac's?  Fine....

Jeeps?  OK for the 'weekend warriors' many 4wd, will Never See dirt and/or mud, so....?

HO? If you're really serious 'bout vehicle 'fi'....You've already ripped your dash 'n doors apart multiple times and it takes more time to 'light it up' than putting on the seat belt and twisting the key.....

...and, at that're into 'burping' your subs, just to see how many nearby cars' alarms can be triggered.....

....and it's hardly what we're about....I trust.... ;)

Right? *L*

The wife and I have driven Jeeps for years. We currently drive Wranglers. I have the 4 door and she has a 2 door. They are both Rubicons. We are in our 70's and just love them. Qs far as reliability, we have never had several Grand Cherokee models. FWIW. 

to Emergingsoul earlier....for simple old school vehicle operation....pre-'23 Toyota 4runner SR5 or base....nothing is automatic...does have a tiny screen for nav....

The Wagoneer is not really considered a Jeep anymore it's becoming more like what Lexus is to Toyota. I don't even think they have the Jeep logo on them anymore.

I can't say much about modern McIntosh quality. I haven't heard any in quite awhile. I do own older gear from the 70's. But they do seem to go overboard with meters and lighting. Their turntables even have lighted platters and meters.