McIntosh MA8900 DAC.....What chipset?

Anyone know what DAC chipset McIntosh uses in the MA8900? I have searched far and wide and found nothing to answer that. Maybe someone has popped the case and looked inside....Burr Brown? ESS? anyone know?
You can call McIntosh and they will tell you.  They will direct you to the Head Tech on the factory floor to answer your questions.
I believe it's a TI/Burr Brown chip. Could also be ESS or AKM, but doubtful it's anything fancy like an Analog Devices.
Thanks guys! I am debating upgrading with DAC like a Lumin Streamer (T2) or something else for pulling those "duties".
That was quick. I just heard back from someone and the chip set that is in the DA1 Module is the ESS Sabre ES9016. That seems to be a very capable chip set.

Shipping now is the DA2 which can upgrade some of the new(er) McIntosh units and I was told that has the ESS Sabre 9028pro which is definitely a big jump in capabilities as well as HDMI. 
Good to know, was looking at the 5300 but heard that it didn’t have the signature sound.  Would be nice if it supported MQA.
The 5300 lacks the Autoformers and McIntosh has not bought into the MQA licensing issues. As a result I stream Qobuz and Amazon Ultra for Hi Res.