McIntosh MA8900 DAC not outputting more than 44.1 kHz

I’m hoping another ma8900 owner can help me out. So I finally was able to buy my first McIntosh piece and have had it for a week or two. I wish to use the onboard DA1 DAC and have my Oppo 103 connected to the the DA1 via coax. According to the specs on the Oppo unit, I should be able to push 192kHz via the coax but alas, it only shows 44.1. Today, I tried to switch things up and attached my MacBook Pro via USB. Again, nothing but a 44.1 shows on the 8900. I realize there are issues trying to play DSD? From a Mac but nonetheless I was under the impression I could playback 384 kHz pcm. According to jRiver, the McIntosh doesn’t support it.
So, is there an internal setting within the 8900 I need to change, I checked the manual and do not see any. Alternatively, do any of you owners recommend a particular streamer that you know for certain will give me the high res stream I want.....and make it work with the 8900?
Ran into this with my C50.  I can't speak to the Oppo, but the MacBook needs to have the MIDI reset to a higher resolution.  Go to Applications, then Utilities then Audio MIDI setup.  Note that doing this will force all files to be output via the USB to the setting you select.  So, any 44.1 kHz will be output at 192 or whatever.

You can check the manual on the Oppo to see if it has a similar adjustable internal firmware output setting.  I was also advised some years ago that JRiver will auto-range the MIDI output in the MacBook to the file you select to play.  I never got that far, but have no reason to doubt the advice.  I received it here from some folks who clearly know more about digital than I do.

Good luck & happy listening!
Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a try now (MacBook). That did the trick. Now I just have to learn how to use these software packages I bought so I can RIP some of my CD's.
Also the OPPO should take a SACD and output it in 24/88.2k to the McIntosh if the player is set appropriately.  Any 24/96 or 192k on an attached drive should also play no problem.   Enjoy