McIntosh MC-60 Binding Terminals

I own a set of McIntosh MC-60 monoblock amplifiers. They are original so employ the Barrier strip small speaker terminals. Can someone out there direct me to a source to purchase the spades necessary to connect a set of speakers? Additionally if an Mc-60 owner can identify a source to reliably update this amp with minimal modifications I.E. standard speaker binding terminals or detachable power cord socket? Any observations in terms of what I can anticipate for sound would be most welcome. Have never heard this amp but by all acounts, its supposed to be quite respectable.
Please do NOT make any external mods to your MC60, it will kill the value of this timeless Mcintosh classic.
I have a pair of stock MC-60s and second the recomendation to not modify them. To work around the narrow barrier strips I found some copper connectors at Home Depot that I can screw into the existing barrier strips, I then used some (short) decent speaker cable to connect to the copper connectors and then connected the wire to 5-Way binding posts.....a very simple and inxpensive way to allow me to connect good bi-wire cables to my vintage tube amps. I am sure that to a purist this would degrade the sound but it was a good solution for me. The sounds from these amps is very dynamic, with bloom and a great sense of air. It is amazing and pleasing to me that 50 year old, unmoddified amplifiers can sound this good. Good luck
I will also be interested in the information for a good Mcintosh technician especially in the southern california area. I have a Mcintosh 225 that needs to be check out. Thanks.
don't change anything. the mc60 is hardwired, and rightfullt so. you can also buy wire ends which are specifically for mac and other vintage gear.