McIntosh MC225

Hi guys,

Need a little help here. I've got a friend who is going to trade me my Dynaco ST-70 for a McIntosh MC225 plus $300. I hooked it up to my Vandys and it sounds great...even better than the old Dyna. Now there is remarkably little info on the MC225 out on the net. I couldn't find one reference to it here on Audiogon. But the one or two articles that I did find refer to it as one of the best sounding vintage tube amps ever. Is this true? Can someone out there who knows this amp, give me a little more info.
Get it! A good friend has a MC240 and it is awesome in every way - especially sound. The 225 was the same but lower power. I want a 240 but just because my speakers are not very efficient. Don't know much detailed info however except what is at this great website:
I would grab it quick - they can command very high prices on ebay where people will fight for this series. Arthur
I am very familiar with the 225 - my dad has one and I want it - buy it - as you can see against the Dynaco - no contest!
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I have a 225 and it is all people say it is. Beautiful! I also have 3(!) 240's and can't use them all. But it's hard to give them up. I'd rather be buried with them. Sweet, sweet, sweet!