McIntosh MC300 speaker wire hookup ????

I hate to confirm my stupidity but how are you suppose to hookup the speaker wires to the binding posts on the Mac 300 amp? Right now I just have bare wires wrapped around the screws. If you are suppose to use spade ends where can I find some good ones?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Your way works fine. Radio Shack has spade lugs of various sizes. Beware of those that want to sell you speaker wire for hundreds of dollars!!
I use 12 guage with my Mac. Got it at Home Depot for peanuts!! (see for the speaker wire "test")
ive owned 4 mc300's & im having a hard time envisioning how you wraped bare wire around the set screws in the terminals.

remove the set screws on the taps with the ohmage you need then you can use banana plugs instead of bare wire,god that had to be tricky to get the wires to stay on the terminal set screws.