McIntosh MP100 update?

The MP100 is about 5 years old now and many online stores are out of stock. It’s on my final list of phono stages but I don’t want to make the mistake of buying right before an update is released. Anyone heard of an update being released or is it just the shipping woes causing it to be out of stock?

FWIW, my final two phono stages on my list are the MP100 and the Luxman E-250. I have dreams of an all McIntosh system one day so the MP100 is my top choice for now.  
I don't know specially about the MP100 and I know many companies are struggling with manufacturing due to logistics disruptions, raw material/component shortages and staffing challenges. 

I don't know what your timeline for upgrading, but if you were planning on an all McIntosh system I want you to know my upgrade path was to add McIntosh C2600 and use my NAD integrated amp as an amp and that purchase was a significant sonic improvement and the preamp includes a DAC, MM & MC phono preamp.  

Good luck on your journey.
I actually just ordered the McIntosh 2300 as it has a MM and a MC phono input.  The 2600 is great but I don't need the DAC.  Can't wait for it to arrive!