mcintosh mx units

i have a mcintosh mx132. compared to the lower mx models, why is the 132 the least exoensive??


One it's not XLR.

Second they are complicated and getting old. You can easily spend 1000.00 fixing one. Todays tech may suggest a newer model. the MX135 is better.. XLR, if I remember.


In addition to missing balanced XLR outputs, the MX-132 does not even have HDMI support.  This puts the processor at 15 or more years old.  The newer processors that support HDMI 1.4 and even HDMI 2.0 for 4K are going to be much more expensive, even though the "model number" is lower.

i'm not an audiophile! the only reason i bought the 132 is because i wanted a pre=amp tuner that would match the appearance to my 602! only other pre-amp tuners are the older style mac's! and the 132 was the cheapest!

Some of these older HT Processors, like the MX-132, are actually hidden gems and make excellent analog preamps.  They just don't support the newer digital/video stuff.  But MX-132 is getting long in the tooth and those electrolytic capacitors are likely drying out at this point.

like i said, i'm not an audiophile!! i don't even know what XLR is! i have my unit connected to my tv and i only listen to 1 FM  station on sundays! LOL!