McIntosh MX130 FM antenna

Is there a way to connect a dipole FM antenna to this unit? Roger Russell's site says there are AM and FM terminals but I don't see them. The manual tells how to attach an AM loop antenna with a DIN plug but nothing about FM.
There's a 4" L-shaped stick in a ball socket hard-wired to the back of the unit but it doesn't seem to do the trick. The reception is nowhere near that of my old MX113.
I looked at a photo of the rear panel, in an eBay auction of an MX130. It looks like it has an F-type (75 ohm) coaxial connector for FM. So to connect a dipole you'd need a 75-to-300 ohm coax-to-twinlead adapter, which are widely available.

-- Al
Hey, thanks Al. I'll try that out. I also noticed that my MX113 tuner/preamp interferes with the reception on my MX130 tuner section if the units are placed too close together.