McIntosh MX132 - MX134 How relevent are they?

I’m interested in upgrading my Sunfire Grand Theater IV. I have been looking at the McIntosh line, however, to buy new or even a few years old is way outside of my budget. I was curious what people thought of the McIntosh MX132 or MX134. Obviously both have been around for some time, but just how relevant are they compared to today’s models? Please take into consideration that I have no interest in running video through my HT processor, strictly 5.1 HT audio with some 2 channel listening mixed in. Also consider that I will be running 5.1 analog in from my Blu-Ray player and taking advantage of the Blu-Ray player’s internal audio decoder. All thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance!
i am a macfan, but honestly in terms of sound, the sunfire is as good or better.
Wow... that's quite a complement for the Sunfire, maybe I'll have to rethink things...
I have owned both and from memory the b1ggest differnces that come to mind is as follows: (preface listed as advantages of 134 over 132)
-Better processing chip the latest at the time expecially on pro logic
-more extensive user interface for adjustability
-134 is built more as two in one, the stereo side is basically a C45(or C46 memory fades) so the two channel performance is more in line as a seperate pre amp from the processor side.
-better power supply
One other point is the 134 is the same basic platform for the current 136, I had traded the 134 in on a 135 but recently traded to Anthem D2v. My experience with the anthem is that mcintosh is much better in 2 channel. My point is if 2 channel is important look at the 135. Hope this helps the Sunfire is a great peice but in the long run I think the McIntosh will deliver better performance and offer greater durability. All MHO of course taken from ownership of the 2 you asked about.
MX135 betters both of them and can be had reasonable because all the Mac Cats with means $$$ are upgrading to the MX150
I've owned an MX 134 for 4 or 5 years now. I love it and paid $3,000 for it. I'm running an older MC 126 amp with it, bridged to 3 channel mode, for 275w/ch to the mains and center. My speakers are 10 year old Def Tech BP 2000tl's. This system is phenomenal and I put it together for about $6k. In 2 channel stereo it lacks nothing, which is what I primarily use it for. With pre-amps there is always the fear of the next new processor format coming out (pro logic, dts, trueHD, dolby digital) and obsoleting the previous standard, but I have never had upgraditis on this system. If you can find a mx132 or 134 for between $1,000 to $2,000 in good condition, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I haven't heard the sunfire so I can't say it will stomp it, but it should make you very happy.