mcintosh owners

i just got in my new mc1201 monoblocks & durring shipping a few of the lights went out,im wondering if anybody knows what types of bulbs the 1201's take,im really hoping that they take the new style that just pop in & out like the mc500 & dont require welding.

i have a bunch of the pop in bulbs but i dont want to take these monsters out of the rack & take apart the face of them until im sure what i need.

I thought the 1201 s had LED lighting. If not McIntosh uses the same bulb in everything I have ever owned. And of couse the meter bulbs will need to be soldered.
I haven't had the same experience as Theo - of the 6 McIntoshes I have had, the type of bulb varied like crazy, sometimes three different types in the same amp!! (7200 and C712)

The 1201 doesn't use LEDs - they are miniature incadescent bulbs.

I think your only choice is to get them from McIntosh. I tried to find meter bulbs locally but never found the right wattage (although lots were close but...). Then I could find them online but you had to order in lots of 100 or 1000.

I have had some soldered, some plug in, some with retaining clips so it is hard to say. I would just order them from Mc before taking the amp apart.

Also, a couple used McIntoshes I bought turned out to have the wrong bulbs in them and once I replaced them with Mc parts, the lighting was much more uniform and attractive.
McIntosh does not use the same bulbs in all its non-LED products. Some bulbs require replacement with soldering, others, as those in my C200 preamp are a snap to replace. They are mounted in a plastic housing which rotates and locks in. Check with McIntosh.
hey guys,i got the word from ckuck at mcintosh labs & im f@#$%d,the bulbs are the solder type & im dreading lugging these tanks back & forth to the dealer,im going to see if i can get some old fashioned house call type service on these amps before i go carting them around,man was it a drag just getting them in the rack & im not too excited about going thru that again.

i was really hoping that they were the pop in type like in the mc500,ive also seen alot of different types of bulbs in mac gear & thats somthing that makes no sense to me,i dont mind soldering a bulb or two but i think on the 1201's im gonna play it safe & hire a pro.

thanks guys.