Mcintosh pre-amps c2500 c2300 c50 sonic difference

I've been looking to pr my 452 with a mcintosh pre. Can anyone give me an idea of the sonic differences between the C2500 , C2300 and C50.
I.m looking for the best sounding unit not the extras I don't need or will never use
How good is the phono input?
Thank you
You are looking at 3 of the best preamps made. The C2300 and C2500 are essentially the same unit, but the 2500 adds the DAC used in the C50. All of them feature superb phono sections; good enough that the 2300 made the Absolute Sound reference system for a while. The ability to change cartridge impedance (MC) or capacitance (MM) on the fly is a really useful tool.

I had the C2300 in my system for a number of months and swapped it out to the C50. That was strictly a convenience factor for me. I found the 2300 was very slow to warm up. I spend too much time earning the money it takes to buy this kind of stuff, so don't have to waste waiting around. For the same reason, I also don't like spending more on utility bills than I have to.

Ah, but the soundÂ… The tube units can't be described with enough superlatives for acoustic music. Bells ring, pianos resonate and guitars reverberate. The match between the 2300 and my MC302 was about as good as acoustic music gets, or at least as my rig ever got. Distorted electric instruments were a different story. "Back in the USSR" was notably unpleasant and other, less accessible electric or electronic music just didn't come across in the way I prefer.

So, my advice to you would be to look at your music collection and determine where your preferences lie. If you have the time, are mostly acoustic and don't need a DAC, go 2300. If you need the DAC, the 2500 is the way to go. If you have more catholic taste in music, go with the 50. You can't go far wrong with any of them. Note that any good Mc dealer will let you take one hone for a week or two and swap it for full value toward one of the others if you aren't fully thrilled.

Good luck & happy listening!