McIntosh Preamp Data Ports hookup or workaround…

Is there a way to use two data ports on a McIntosh preamp from one McIntosh source?  I have a McIntosh MVP861 hooked up to my McIntosh C49 two ways for music playback and use an HRO85 remote to control everything. The first output of the MVP861 is a coax cable to the DA1 DAC for red book cd playback. The other output is using a pair of balanced cables to the C49 for SACD playback as the SACD output is blocked going Coax. I would like to utilize one data port for red book cd’s and another data port for SACD playback but there is only one data in on the MVP861. I thought using an 1/8” adapter with two female to single ended male 1/8” and using one 1/8” cable to data port 1 and another to data port 2 and assigning the data port to the assigned input would work, but it did not. It was stereo adapter, maybe a mono one instead? I also have an MR88 hooked up to data port 3.  Right now I have to go into the menu of the C49 every time I want to switch from red book or SACD and use the McIntosh remote. Wondering if anyone found a workaround? Or did I hookup something wrong?