I need some help making a decision. My main source of music enjoyment is primarily Cd’s. I play both red book and sacd, but by far many more redbook. I have the EMM Labs Dac2x v2 and using my former player as a transport. Thinking about purchasing a EMM labs TSDX transport to spin my disc. Has anyone been able to compare the sound quality of using the EMM dac both through the EMM transport and through a non-EMM transport. Please tell me what the benefits of all EMM vs EMM dac with decent non-EMM transport. Thanks.
Isn't that transport like 17 grand?  I think it's good to solicit opinions from anyone lucky enough to own this stuff, but I would be very hesitant to make a purchase like that without an audition. 
Found one much cheaper. These are hard to find and I think no longer in production. Just wanted to know if anyone has the combo and can tell me what sonic benefits they experienced.
I won’t be able to help.  However, if I shelled out 5 figures for a transport and you asked me to compare it to a bog standard CDP, I would say the expensive one was the bees knees because my bias would run in that direction.  I agree with Chayro; soliciting opinions is fine but I would definitely audition
Everyone is talking <,DAC's>> 
I'm old school, sticking to a combo player.
Trans/DAC in one unit.
The 2 units folks might wish to consider before  adding a  DAC is the Cayin 17 Mark2 and the Shanling 3.2 cd player.
Both built like tanks with surperior crafmanship. 

 bog standard CDP

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Agree a  basic cd player are dated and a  temporary fix until cash is avaliable for a  superior cd player can be added.
The only 2 cd players I consider equal/superior  to a  good DAC,  are the two  mentioned above.
Just because  DAC;s are the latest craze, doesn't mean to over look new high tech cd players. 

Transports arguably at the moment are the components with the fastest technological change. This applies especially if you are planning a USB connection to the DAC
Have you looked at the Denafrips Avatar and the various Jay's Audio transports?
That's above my pay grade. I would audition against a PJ CD Box RS2 T to see if you can appreciate a difference.
Or just wait for PS Audio's new spinner that I believe will be better AND cheaper.
Just as an aside on transports, both Jay's Audio and Denafrips are out of stock on transports.  Somebody is still spinning CDs.  That or they can't get the transport mechanisms, which is entirely possible.  
Actually, a review of the Denafrips Avatar stated that they have 3,000 transports as backups should anything go wrong. They're not quite as rare as hen's teeth yet. 😄

But, as fuzztone pointed out, the Pro-Ject CDT is said to be better having been designed by the same guys who designed the first CD transports. That, and it's entirely latest generation tech available. Sadly, it's always out of stock so it's on backorder.

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