mcintosh SS with DALI Helikon? anyone ?

Have A BAT tube pre.
I would love to ear from someone wiyh the speaker, amp combo
thank you
Marcval no SS just tubes on my Dali's.

You have a great combination. Which MC amp?
MC 252. Have you tried SS amp and prefer tube or are you partial to tube.
Also if you don't mind what music do you listen to
Thank you
Yes. Audition with SS amps first and then tubes later. Bass was more extended but I love the warmth of the tubes with the ribbon tweeter combo in the highs/mids. Also, listened to the Helicon 300, 400 and 800 with SS amps (SimAudio 70w, McIntosh (MC252, MC402), Conrad Johnson (LP66S), CONSONANCE M-400S monoblock). Actually, the Consonace monos where actually the experience that pushed me more to tubes. After that experience started listening to MC275 with Focal 1027Be which led me back to Dali Helicon 300.

Just had this discussion with another McIntosh user this morning whom previously used the larger MC502s. Now has MC275(s) run in mono.

One of the reasons for tubes is the percussion and drums for Jazz and New Aged music. The SS was a bit harsh in the upper end using the ribbon tweeter combo. Maybe it was CD player or SS preamp. Now I listening to more vocals than before with the C500 preamp and EMM Labs CDSA. I get so much detail of vocals and solos instruments along with greater depth behind the Dalis.
I do have the helicon 400.
I checked out you're system, it looks great!!!
Do you use two MC275 vs one for power ?
I talk to my dealer . I will be able to audition the MC 252 and 275 sometime this week.
I do listen to lots of Jazz and vocals.
For better bass and depth in mid range with the one 6.5 woofer I run the two MC275s. When I decide to purchase larger speaker (Helicon 400, AudioNote AN-E/SPe HE, Avalon Indra, Magico V2, V3) the MC275 will be ready.

If you update the driver tubes and power tubes in MC275 you should get close to 95 watts run in stereo and 195 run in mono.