Me vs. JL Audio - An open discussion.

An audiophile ( dpac996 ) in another thread:

found a very interesting, and IMNSHO, very messy, post from JL Audio:

It has some great points, some confusing points, and some word salad. Kind of like a recent Star Wars movie.

Mind you, I think JL Audio has among the very best room correction software out there. I find myself agreeing very much with the choices the software makes, but still, this article has some great things in it I want to bring out, which I'll do in my replies.
You mean, like Beethoven? The famously deaf composer?
No. Composers that write music for unamplified instruments. Then hear it played in concert or a large recording studio.

Only a small portion of Beethoven's output occurred after he was deaf.

Room correction will only take you so far...(MHO...)

Ears and 'taste' (levels, xover, all that...) is the final %.

Having to 'make do' with 'non-pedigree' equipment for decades....but applying what now amounts to decades of 'tuning for the room' with a variety of 'things' to integrate such...

...I'm still slightly stunned and vaguely amazed that y'all 'don't get it'.

'Perfection', outside of a 'live' performance or sitting at the mix panel, is something you're simply trying to duplicate to the 'sonic image' you have in your head; and Really...nowhere else.

You can spend XK$ in this pursuit....and still 'fall short'....IYHO.'re welcome to it.

(I've been really tempted to show up at AXPONA '20...Just Because. ;)  You'll recognise me...the one with the ear muffs on...
Why?  Because it's tiring to listen to 'all that', constantly.  And, listening to Anything in a hotel room isn't where I'd ultimately have 'it'...)

Yes, you are certainly welcome to regard me as an 'unwashed, no-nothing, uneducated' troll.  I'm good with that.  It also 'shows to go ya' you have absolutely no knowledge about me.

...and I'm absolutely Fine with That. *G* ;)
asvjerry. No, I’m pretty sure you’ve just told us everything there is to know about you...
...and you've stumbled into the 'alternate definition' of 'assume'....

Simplistic; try again.
I actually agree that room correction, measurements can only take you so far.... but man, if you don't get that starting point right, you haven't even gotten to the right country.

Getting the crossover/phase matching right is super hard to do by ear.

Figuring out the room modes that need to be quashed is also super hard. That's what the tools do really well.
That basic starting point is super difficult to do and get right.
Once you have that, sure, tilt the bass response, and adjust the level to please yourself.

And, expensive as they are, the tilt and level setting in addition to the subwoofer integration is something the JL Audio room correction gets very very right.