Meadowlark Blue Heron - gas tweeter leak problem?

Do you know anything about the Audax - gas-filled piezo-electric tweeter leaking in these speakers. Anyone have or heard of this? Is this a fault in design that is a matter of time before it leaks or was it a defect that afflicts some but not all?

Do you know, per chance, how to fix a deflated HD3P? 

Thanks a lot!

  The only repair data I have is from the thread above:

My two HD3Ps are currently being modified repaired at Moca Audio ( in Tours, France by an acoustical engineer (Marc-Olivier Chauveau) who specializes in Audax drivers.

I suggest contacting   Mssr. Chauveau and asking if he still does the service to the HD3Ps.  I have a singe un used HD3P left in stock.  It has deflated even never having been used. 

Yes they're still doing the repair. I just got my HD3P's repaired by Moca Audio for my blue heron's. 65Euros/tweeter. Adding in USPS shipping and fees (bank transfer or PayPal) took it to a bit over $200, so not bad.

I came across this old thread and even though it's been 5 years since the last post, I just wanted to mention that I still have my Meadowlark Blue Herons, and that my repaired Audax HD3P gold egg tweeters (by Marco in France) inflation has been lasting about 15 months between re-inflations before the crinkling in the gold foil of the tweeter begins to show. If interested, check out my previous post above for Marco's info in France.