Meeting up at RMAF this year

If I am not mistaken, there was a venue opposite the Marriot last year, where Gonners got to socialise, over a tincture or three. I have decided to visit the colonies this year from the UK and wondered if anything was going to happen this year? It may be too early for anyone to have thought about it.
My idea would be to find someone on here who is also a member of the Colorado Audio Society (, which is a main sponsor of RMAF. They will have the knowledge and ability to make all the arrangements for us.

So...anyone know a CAS member?

The Lift Restaurant and Lounge at the Marriott is a great place to get together without leaving the venue.
Thankyou listencubes, I have been struggling a bit as I am across the pond in Europe. I have spoken to the Lift Restaurant and they are happy to host a get together. I will make a separate thread suggesting that locale
Just to be clear, the meeting point is the Lift restaurant in the Marriott, between 6 and 8pm on friday and saturday evenings. Hope to see some of you there.