Meeting up at RMAF this year

If I am not mistaken, there was a venue opposite the Marriot last year, where Gonners got to socialise, over a tincture or three. I have decided to visit the colonies this year from the UK and wondered if anything was going to happen this year? It may be too early for anyone to have thought about it.
That was at Garcia'a Mexican Restaurant. Yes, it is across the street from the Marriot. Ihave not heard if there is going to be a gathering over there this year. I think last year's was headed up by Steve Dobbins (vetterone)
I'm actually thinking about going to the RMAF this year. The last time I was at a show was back when I used to sneek into the Black Hawk Hotel in Chicago where the high end manufacturers exhibited. It would be a real treat to meet up with other Gonners.
well I will b there for the first time and would love to meet up w one and all.
I will definitely be there. I already booked my room at the Marriott. This will be my 4th RMAF in a row. . . would not miss it for the world! G.
The only problem for me is the Swine Flu. I am a family Doctor in the UK and we really are in the middle of a real epidemic, you are worse over the pond of course. Fortunately it seems to be mild, but the most foolproof way of catching it, is by flying.
I suspect the flu may keep some away anyway, if they are afraid of crouds
Nowone seems to be coming up with any suggestions. Is there a bar nearby we could advertise as a meeting point? I suppose we could say Garcias, just as last year. I do'nt know anything about the geography around RMAF and can't arrange anything with Garcia's, as I live in the UK.
RMAF sounds like it would be much fun, but I know what would happen if I attended. It would render my present system inferior, then I would have to spend multiple thousands of dollars looking for that sound I heard in that one room.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was having my old Marantz 1250 amp repaired back around ten or so years ago. I took it to the closest audio store for the repair, then when I went to pick it up, I had to wait a bit for them to bring it out. (Intentional?) While waiting, I was shown a chair, which happened to be placed in front of their best system. Never had I heard anything like that. I still can't remember if he turned the lights down, or if my mind blanked it out, but I do remember being in the middle of the performers, and could see them all, plain as day. We were all in the room having a blast, just getting down. Then he turned it off. I made a point not to move throughout the few tracks played, because I recalled my first jet flight, were I got the biggest rush, which grew and grew, until I turned to look out the window, and it vanished. I didn't want this feeling to vanish like that, so I sat still. What a rush!

Long story short... my system was now sooo inferior. I thought it was rather nice. Marantz, Dual, JBL. I have now spent thousands, and have, I feel, a rather nice setup. I would hate/love to walk into a room at the RMAF and have that happen again. How can you guys do this????
If you are happy with it, then there is no problem. It is rather like intelligence, beauty etc. However bright, handsome you are, there will always be someone brighter and more handsome. I just live with it. There will be systems at RMAF costing upwards of $500,000, not that cost is everything. Of course some will be better than mine. I partly go to be reassured that some very expensive systems sound worse than mine. Not really suprising, as they are newly set up in a non ideal room.

I am specifically coming from the UK, for a semi retirement break after working 32 years in the National Health Service, in the UK. Also, I want to listen to some specific kit, with a view to a retirement present, for me of course. This is probably the only time I will ever get to RMAF and it might have been nice to meet up with some of you guys

Apropos of nothing, how come some of the right wing media rottweilers over there, have got it in for the NHS. The invective seems rabid and ill informed. Not that ignorance has ever proved a barrier to commentary in some parts of the media, all over the world.

You *must* come to RMAF. I could keep you occupied for a whole day just asking about the truths of the British medical system. We're being told you guys basically euthanize people over age 58 (unless they are deemed "productive enough" to live, that is).

At any rate, I wouldn't *really* talk about such boring things for a whole day; there are more important things to discuss, like the awesome sound coming from room ____ (fill in the blank)! :-)

I was at RMAF last year and did not see or hear any reference to other Gonners there, nor did I hear of the meeting. Let's set something up ahead of time this year, get an estimate of attendees for the dinner or drinks for a reservation and have our own little bash!
aggielaw, that is what I would like to do, but I have not been to Denver and am not clear how to arrange a place or time. That is why I am seeking suggestions.

As for the NHS, I am a 61 year old family doctor and still have'nt been euthanased. What I loved best was the comment about Profesor Steven Hawking when he met the President for a medal in the WhiteHouse. Some bright spark suggested he would have been killed years ago under the NHS. He gently pointed out he was British and had been kept alive for 30+ years, by the NHS, when the normal life expectancy with diagnosed Motor Neurone disease is 3 to 5 years. I rest my case about the shear dumb stupidity about some of the comments.

The NHS is a wonderful service providing reasonable world class care to everyone for free. Is it the best care in the world? No. Has it got failings? absolutely. Having studied in the US, I know it provides excellent care for most, every system fails. When I see US citizens as an emergency in my practice, they are incredulous that treatment is free to them too, at least, for urgent problems

Sorry, we are getting off the point regarding RMAF
My idea would be to find someone on here who is also a member of the Colorado Audio Society (, which is a main sponsor of RMAF. They will have the knowledge and ability to make all the arrangements for us.

So...anyone know a CAS member?

The Lift Restaurant and Lounge at the Marriott is a great place to get together without leaving the venue.
Thankyou listencubes, I have been struggling a bit as I am across the pond in Europe. I have spoken to the Lift Restaurant and they are happy to host a get together. I will make a separate thread suggesting that locale
Just to be clear, the meeting point is the Lift restaurant in the Marriott, between 6 and 8pm on friday and saturday evenings. Hope to see some of you there.
Hi All,
We have organized a get together directly across the street from the Marriott Tech Center on Saturday night @ 6 PM at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant.
We did this last year and had over 50 Audiogoners join us. Garcia's are creating a Happy Hour for our group and the Beer (5 brands of Draft) and Mix Drinks will be half price.
They also will serve some Chips and Salsa (gratis). You can eat there afterwards if you like. The food is quite good Mexican and priced reasonably.
Hopefully, you can all join us. Please pass the word.
Best Regards,
Larry (Cello)