Melbourne, Australia

I am wondering if there is any interest in an Audiogon Melbourne chapter. I run Cary gear and Proacs, and I wouldn't mind meeting to chew the fat.
Amfibius, surely I am interested in this thread.
my gear is set of lousy accuphase, plus 2 vintage TTs, and speakers (3/5a, GenII).
That's great Fatgen, thanks for your email. I have replied. Hopefully more Melburnians will see this thread and join up :)
Gi'day, Amfibius!
just now enjoyed a once a week music "Now the Green Blade Riseth" (XRCD), very relaxing in the beautiful Sunday morning.
Well we had our first AudioGon Melbourne meet in my place on Saturday, even though it strictly speaking wasn't in Melbourne. It was in sunny and beautiful Torquay :)

Many thanks to Andrew (fatgen) for making the long trip down. Pity you couldn't come down Rob - maybe next time.

I will try to give more notice next time for the next meet.

Meanwhile, WHERE are the other Melbourne A'goners?
Just had another gathering last week at rwjp's place. Thanks for the hospitality Rob. Stunning system, incredible dynamics. Looking forward to your return visit.
Met up again with fatgen last week and rwjp this evening. There must be more Melbourne Audiogonners around!
Looks like you found another Melbourne Audiogonner! Been at it since the 60's and probably spent more than it takes to run a small country, but it's great fun. Even my wife likes the sound and understands the addiction. Best wishes from across the pond... Melbourne, Florida!
Hi,Is this still going I am in Olinda,Melbourne I have some Audio Research gear!! Regards Bigpond
Just joined from Vermont South, I run an M.A sound system with a range of other good AV - HT stuff.
regards Ross
Good Day,
Member from Sydney. Running Kef Ref, Audio Research Ref, McIntosh, Primare, Linn lp12, Aqvox, Nordost, Cardas Golden, PS Audio
Great listening!
Hi my name is Walter
I'm running Tom Evans audio gear and I'm also the seller in victoria and most of australia for Tom Evans Audio Design that come from the UK and also selling some audio GD equipment via ebay. I've just got in to selling audio because I love it plus I run a pest control business called victorian pest control. If there's any interest in my audio for sale let me know also if like would like some advice shot me a email. I've been into audio for over 25 years and still love it with a passion.
Hello everyone. How is this club going. Are there any formal or informal activities? I would like to meet some like minded individuals. I like DIY audio but at present have mainly commercial equipment. David, Rowville, 3178.
Hi David I live nearby and my factory is in Rowville nearer still to you, What you got to play out loud with?
My source is an AA La Fontaine, amplifiers are Opera 845S monoblocks (DIY tweaked) and Osborn Reference Monuments. Interconnects are Osborn Silverlinks and speaker cabling is Neotech UPOCC. Lots of DIY room treatment. Main hobby these days is listening to music and building SS amplifiers.
David if you would like to meet up for a caht etc give me a call at the factory 97638022, rgds Ross
Ross. Sorry I haven't rung but I didn't get back on the forum until today. Will ring soon. Regards.
The AG Melbourne Chapter has been dormant for almost 2 1/2 years,
however I thought I'd introduce myself here.

A little bit about me. I live in Inner City Melbourne and have been an
audiophile for 24 years, and into high end audio big time for the last 5 1/2
years. I am on a big development curve with my system at the moment
which currently comprises -

Speakers - Magico S5's
Amplification - Vitus SIA-025
Front end - Aesthetix Romulus
AC power - Furutech GTX-D (G) wpo
- Gigawatt PC-3 SE Evo power conditioner
- Jorma Prime power cables
IC's/SC's - Jorma Prime xlr's, Jorma Statement single wires
Home theater - Oppo BDP-103AU
- Siltech Classic Anniversary rca's
- Siltech Classic Anniversary HDMI
- Jorma Unity pc
Isolation - Taoc ASR series racks with upgraded Finite Elemente Cerabase
Classic feet, extensive Stillpoints Ultra 5's, Ultra bases, Ultra Mini's & Ultra
Tweaks - Acoustic Revive RCI-3H (x4), RD-3, RIO-5II (modified), RR-777,
Wally/Harmonic iso feet.

In terms of the next steps for my system, I am installing a set of (6) Ultra 5's
+ Ultra bases under my S5's in the next month which i've been allowing to
run in before final setup. I also have a big front end upgrade planned in the
next 2 months which will be exciting. So just a brief intro for now to say hi to
local audiophiles. I'll post a more detailed write up with photos in my
upcoming Virtual System.

Incidentally is anyone going to the Melbourne Hifi Show in October? Once
my system is mostly finished I'd like to see if there is enough interest
to organize a GTG.

I am in Darwin. had a break from audiogon for 4 signed up a few days ago but cant seem to get my posts submited, keep getting password mismatch,so frustrating,think i will give up
Stumpy, it sounds like your previous password(s) have expired due to the time away from the forum. I would send them an email explaining your issue & i'm sure they'll get it sorted. Audiogon is far from perfect, but the Admins here run rings around other me.