Melco N1 back up

Hi All,

Having problems backing up my NiZH 8 Gb, 68% full, I go to setting and use their format with a 8gb  and even a 16gb and after 5 minutes or so I get a read out saying not enough space.

Any help is appreciated.

Steven, have you contacted Melco or the dealer you purchased it from?  The only Melco dealer I know is Care Audio in Edison, NJ.  Sunil is a pleasant and knowledgeable guy, and I think he would be happy to help if you can't get answers from Melco or your dealer. 
Unfortunately I have emailed Melco several times with no response and have contacted my dealer for help who will come over next week after the Holidays I was just hoping to get some ideas or help before then , you never know when a hard drive well crash and all loose thousands of HiDef recordings.

Thanks for the reply and all see if I can contact Sunil for any suggestions.