ripper to pair with Melco N1A/2

I'm about to take delivery on a Melco N1A...My objective is to incrementally move my CD collection to the Melco. I currently use a PS Audio PW transport. I'm considering selling it and buying a Melco D100 ripper to use as my transport and ripper...Will it perform as well as the PW? At $1300, the Melco seems pricey.

This is my first move into streaming and digital storage, so I really am a bit lost here. Do I have a decent plan? Opinions please.


1 Melco N1A Mk2 discontinued.

2 I don’t see why a $20 special would not do a credible job.

But I only do rips on a computer.

You will definitely be happy with the Melco. I have one that I modified a little bit with SSD drives, one of the HDs failed one day. I have been ripping with my Widows PC and haven’t heard any difference when compared to the audio files that I buy online.  You can always buy, compare and return if there is no difference. Please let us know your findings. Good luck.