Melody AN845 or Audio Space Reference 3.1 or LM

I have an Audio Space Reference 3.1 integrated amp with the 300B output tubes. Ever since I read about Line Magnetic 845 amps I have been intrigued and wanted to try an 845 tube amp. Would I hear a discernible difference between my Audio Space and any one of the following amps: LM 518, LM 219ia and/or the Melody AN845? Which one is best and why? Is the 219 the best of both worlds as it uses the 300B tube to drive the 845? If I threw a JAS Array 2.1 into the mix, which also uses 300B tubes to drive the 805's, how would you compare and contrast and rank all of these amps?


Hello Rdschicago,

I have written reviews on both Melody and Audio Space amps for These include 300B, 211 and 845 based designs. They are all outstanding, however my favorite based on overall timbres/tonality and image density are the 300B based amps followed by the 211 and finally the 845 tube designs. Even if you drive a 845 with a 300B tube you still will get the overall all sound of the 845 tube, which I find to be the most solid state sounding of all these tubes.
I've heard a lot of 300B amps and come home to my 845 SET monoblocks VERY happily. But they were designed and built by a friend, with absolutely humongous trannies, so all bets are off :-)
There are so many factors involved in the overall sound of an amplifier, it's difficult to pin it down to the output tube alone. I've heard both excellent sounding 300b and 845 SETs and realized I could be happy with either if executed to a high quality standard. In very general terms the 845 is very "dynamic" yet quite organic. The 300b very "organic" yet quite dynamic as well.Some speakers will need the additional power/drive/grunt of the 845. The 300b tube has less power but is very fluid and transparent. In my case I do just fine with an 8 watt 300b and wouldn'texchange it for any other amplifier(it's ideal for my needs). The inate musical naturalness of the 300b has me hooked. Again any of these contenders can sound superb with the proper speaker match. You have a very good list of amplifiers. Good luck.

I have both the Melody AN845 and the LM 219IA. I bought the AN845 about a year ago, and the LM219 has now been used for about 2 months. The difference? The sound of the AN845 is in my opinion more energetic, forward and "ballsy". The bass is very good. The LM219 is more delicate, detailed and (for me) more musically engageing. Bass could be better, but enough for me. Both drive my Harbeth SHL5 speakers with ease. The AN845 seems subjectively the more efficient of the two.

The LM219IA is my favourite - it really is a gentle giant, very musically involving. But I also wholeheartedly recommend the Melody AN845. Both are amazing amps.